Buckle up, cinephiles! Get ready for a cinematic odyssey that will twist your mind and tickle your deja vu spidey-sense with these 10 films

The unnerving familiarity of déjà vu. That inexplicable feeling that you've lived a moment before

a scene unfolding with eerie premonition. With its power to manipulate time and memory

cinema can capture this fleeting sensation and weave it into narratives that leave us questioning reality.

So, grab your popcorn and buckle up, for we're diving into ten movies

ten movies that will make you feel like you've already seen them, even though you haven't

1. Mulholland Drive  (2001)

2. Memento  (2000)

3. Vanilla Sky  (2001)

4. The Shining  (1980)

5. Primer  (2004)

6. The Lake House  (2006)

7. Donnie Darko  (2001)

8. Predestination  (2014)

9. Arrival  (2016)

10. Inception  (2010)