Trisha Krishnan  Beauty Secrets

Trisha Krishnan is a well known South Indian Actress

Trisha has been ruling the Industry with her timeless beauty for 2 decades now.

Trisha Krishnan is been ageing like a fine wine back wards

Trisha has a simple yet inspirational beauty regime to maintain her glow

Trisha maintains a strict and healthy diet regime

She prioritises nutritious food choices and avoids consuming junk food.

Trisha starts her day with a cup of green tea or warm water infused with a few drops of lemon.

Trisha is dedicated towards her daily workout in order to glow from inside.

Trisha has a few healthy practices like getting sufficient sleep.

Trisha feels that Yoga is responsible for her youthful and graceful appearance.

Trisha keeps herself hydrated by consuming enough amount of water

Trisha consumes fresh pomegranate juice that helps her skin heal from damaged skin

Trisha oils her hair on a regular basis to maintain the health and shine of her hair.