Ending of Sree Leela's career?

Born in Detroit and blazing across Telugu and Kannada cinema, Sree Leela is not just an actress

This young starlet, captivating audiences with her mesmerizing eyes and infectious smile

She is rapidly weaving her own narrative into the tapestry of Indian cinema.

This Detroit-born star balances her acting career with her medical studies, showcasing an inner strength

The actress who is maintaining her hit streak with back to back blockbusters with her cuteness dance moves

Skanda, Extra Ordinary man and Adikeshava remained as hatrick flops to this actress.

While few netizens are feeling that this is the end for Sree Leela's career

But the story isn't over yet.

After so many failures, Sree leela is still very confident with her upcoming film 'Guntur Karam'

If this film becomes a blockbuster at the box office as Mahesh is the lead of the film

Sree leela's career in Tollywood will be saved for this time

Sree leela doesn't have a significant market value in Bollywood and other Industries.

But If Guntur Karam fail to do well at the box  office,

Sree leela would find it tough to survive in the Tollywood.