An Appreciation Post For Shivathmika 

Shivathmika Rajashekar is an Indian film actress  and producer

She works predominantly in Telugu and Tamil films

Shivathmika is the daughter of actors  Rajasekhar and Jeevitha

Shivathmika gave her debut as an Actress with Dorasaani, opposite  Anand Devarakonda

Even though she’s the daughter of two-star actors in the industry Shivathmika works  on her own style

Shivatmika’s selection of scripts are applaudable

Shivathmika as Devaki Reddy in Dorasani impressed many audience and film critics

While most of the present actresses are focusing on commercial films Shivathmika is quite opposite with them

In Panchatantram and Aakasam Shivathmika delivered her best  with a decent and respective roles

She mesmerizes everyone with her expressive  eyes and stunning traditional looks

Not only in traditional attire, Shivathmika also raises the heat with  her modern looks  on Instagram

We are going to see this earthly beauty in another mesmerizing role in her upcoming film  Ranga Maarthaanda

Filmify wishes this young and talented actress a successful career