Ram Charan to Sharwanand 5 Telugu Heroes who have proved yet again that respect comes first in relationships

When Respect and Love go hand in hand, in a relationship. 

Unlike films where a hero who hits the villain gets the girl, here are heroes who prove that love and respect speak for their togetherness.

Ram Charan to Sharwanand here are 5 Tollywood heroes who respect their companions

#1 Ram Charan 

Upasana Konidela in various interviews claimed that her husband Ram Charan respects her and divides the duties as Klin Kaara's parent instead of holding Upsana responsible for everything.

#2  Nikhil Siddhartha

Nikhil and Pallavi share a togetherness of 3 years, the couple have welcomed their first child recently, they are also one of couples who prefer being low-key without garnering lots of attention

#3 Nani

Nani and his wife Anjana are one of the power couples of Tollywood, Nani also shared that the couple attempts to normalize a kiss so that their son views it as an act of love.

#4 Nithin

Nithin is married to his best friend Shalini Kandukuri the actor shared one of the best part of his life is getting married to his best friend.

#5 Sharwanand

Sharwanand and Rakshita Reddy are one of those couples who prefer keeping their life private. The actor has never spoken about their personal life publically but are reported to be one of the happy couple in T-Town