Orry is the new trendsetter

The internet sensation turns the heads of the netizens yet again.

Orhan's this look from Kith which is 925 Qatar Riyals which equals 21,700 Indian Rupees.

Orry aces his recent appearance.

He clicks for GQ India a men's lifestyle and fashion community.

The bathrobe or night suit appearing attire gorgeous on Orry as he pulls it off pretty well.

Orry's styling makes the attire look on point.

Orhan's rings didn't just acquaint him with the world but also made it evident how accessories can make or break the look.

His shiny rings are certainly a good choice to not just divert the attention but also to glam the look.

His neckpiece is a must-have accessory for everyone.

Orhan opts for a neutral look with detailed contouring making the outfit a crush for fashion enthusiasts.

The subtle wavy curls and the one earring make a must-try outfit.