Love Sonia  turns 5!!!

Love Sonia is one of those must watch films that depicts the harsh reality of society.

This film was directed by Tabrez Noorani with utmost care and a pure intention of educating people about the situations.

After television serials, this was mrunal's first hindi film as a lead actress.

This film depicts the story of a two sisters who crossed every worst struggle of their lives to set themselves free from the hands of evil side of society.

This film has two sisters Preeti and Sonia. where one is fair and other is dark skinned but the love for each other is really strong that this gives true sister goals.

The problem starts when preeti is sold to a brothel house by their own father. Not knowing this, sonia tries many ways to go to her sister but fails.

She decides to follow the steps that her sister did and went to the dealer of women trafekking and ask him to send her to preeti.

And then sonia learns that was a brothel house and not a safe place to be... but she decides to stay there to save her sister at any cost.

The film is totally about how sonia survived in the brothel house and did she save her sister? and how did she get out of there?

Mrunal was very dedicated to this role and she gave her best in it making it one of the notable work of hers.

Before playing this role, Mrunal spent a day in the brothel house to know how situations there are, so that she can play the role better.

Mrunal received a nation wide recognition with this film .

The director was inspired by an incident where he was introduced to an incident where several girls were found in a container in los Angeles and one of them was a young Indian girl.

Love sonia was awarded the best Indian film award at the Melbourne film festival gaining the global recognition.

Though this film was a flop at the box office, but this film slowly gained attention by the viewers.