From Pantry to Pampering: 10 Budget-Friendly Ayurvedic Face Masks for Winter Bliss

Winter can be harsh  on our skin.

The cold, dry air strips away moisture, leaving us chapped, flaky, and even itchy.

But don't despair! Ayurveda, the ancient Indian holistic wellness system, offers a treasure

DIY face masks, made with readily available ingredients from your kitchen or pantry

discover 10 Ayurvedic face masks that will pamper your skin and leave it glowing

1. Honey and  Yogurt Mask

2. Milk and  Turmeric Mask

3. Banana and  Avocado Mask

4. Oatmeal and  Honey Mask

5. Aloe Vera and Rosewater Mask

6. Coconut Oil and Gram Flour Mask

7. Sandalwood and Sandalwood Milk Mask

8. Saffron and Milk Cream Mask

9. Fenugreek and  Honey Mask

10. Neem and  Tulsi Mask