Ketika Sharma  Beauty Secrets

Ketika Sharma is a well known South Indian Actress

Ketika started her career with the film "Romantic" in 2021.

This actress is also a state level professional swimmer

This actress is recently seen in the film "Bro" beside Sai Dharam Tej.

Ketika has an attractive natural pinkish glow on her face.

let's have a look at the beauty secrets behind her glow.

Ketika revealed that she consumes around 8 litres of water every day to keep her healthy from in and out.

Ketika tries to be less stressed to maintain her glow.

This actress removes her make up before sleeping no matter how late she gets home from shoot.

Ketika stays make up free on no shoot days to let her skin breathe.

Ketika also prioritises her workout to maintain her flawless skin and glow on her face.

This actress is fond of dance that keeps her fit and adds a pinky glow on her face.