Janhvi Kapoor talks about her expectations on love life 

Janhvi Kapoor talks about her expectations on love life

Janhvi Kapoor is a well known Indian Actress

Janhvi is well known as the daughter of Late Actress Sridevi and Boney Kapoor

This actress made her move debut a few  years back

and now making her career more beautiful with her passion.

This actress recently gave exclusive content on KWK with her sister

As her sister Kushi Kapoor made her debut this year, she also made her debut to KWK

During the talks, Janhvi kapoor spoke about her love life also

When asked about people on her speed dail, she mentioned her rumored bf also. 

She also revealed her expectations on her love life that took the limelight

I am extremely vain.  I think with this profession, you have to be obsessed with it all the time

I want someone to be obsessed with me. You need someone to be okay with you to let you have your moment.

I find with actors is that they get very competitive and weird with each other. 

There’s always tension when there’s an actor and I can’t deal with that emotion because I like to be undyingly devoted

And I expect that devotion and I think when you’re in the same profession it’s difficult.