From Phaal to Jerk: Conquering 10 International Heat Waves this International Hot and Spicy Food Day

Ah, spice. The word evokes sensations like burning tongues, tingling lips, and a delicious dance

on International Hot and Spicy Food Day, we embark on a culinary adventure,

traversing continents and cultures to celebrate the world's most fiery dishes

From tongue-scorching curries to lip-numbing stews,

these ten delicacies are guaranteed to set your taste buds ablaze

1. Phaal Curry,  India

2. Kimchi Jjigae,  Korea

3. Jerk Chicken,  Jamaica

4. Mapo Tofu,  China

5. Ayam Betutu,  Indonesia

6. Sambal Oelek, Indonesia

7. Sik Sik Wat,  Ethiopia

8. Vindaloo,  India

9. Tom Yum,  Thailand

10. Hot Chicken, Nashville, USA