Kollywood’s  recent controversial  marriage

Hansika Married Sohael on Dec 4 2022

Their marriage video is streaming on Disney  plus Hotstar

Reportedly Sohael married to Rinky Bajaj in 2016

Rinky Bajaj and Hansika were best friends

Hansika was the Bridesmaid in their wedding

Sohael and Rinky were divorced due to  unknown reasons

Rumors say that Hansika is the reason behind their divorce.

Sohael fell in love with Rinky while he was trying to set her up with his friend

He Broke up with Rinky To marry her Bestfriend

But Hansika claims she was not the reason for their breakup

She that they became closer only after their separation

Hansika says she’s paying off her sin of being  a celebrity

Netizens are not happy with her response