Along with HanuMan these 4 films of Prashanth Varma are a must watch

Award winning director Prashanth Varma is one of the upcoming and reportedly a perfectionist.

Prashanth Varma a former engineer turned director is one of the passionate filmmakers in the Telugu film fraternity.

Here are the films the director and screenwriter has worked on, stay tuned till the end.

#1 Awe

A psychological drama which sketches the story of the a woman who suffers with multi personality disorder.

#2 Kalki

An action thriller film which revolves around the adventures of a journalist Deva Dutta stars Rajashekhar as the leading man.

#3 Zombie Reddy

A zombie apocalyptic survival comedy-thriller is a must watch for the survival drama audience. The film stars Teja Sajja and marks his debut as a hero.

#4  Adbutham

The director has worked on the story for Malik Ram's film Sci-Fi film starring his dear friend Teja Sajja.

#5 HanuMan

The upcoming Superhero phenomenon, HanuMan is a must watch film in theatres is set to release on 12th January 2024.