A Glimpse of 10 weird things about Siddarth Malhotra 

Siddarth Malhotra, the charming Bollywood actor known for his good looks and acting skills.

He has captured the hearts of many with his on-screen presence.

While fans adore him for his talent, there are some peculiarities about him that may surprise you.

From quirky habits to unexpected talents, here are 10 weird things about Siddarth Malhotra that you probably didn't know:

Phobia of Elevators: Despite his fearless demeanor on-screen, Siddarth has a peculiar fear of elevators.

Secret Chef:  While Siddarth may dazzle audiences with his performances, behind the scenes, he is a secret chef in the making.

Obsession with Sudoku:  When he's not busy filming, Siddarth can often be found solving Sudoku puzzles.

Collector of Funko Pops: Despite his sophisticated image, Siddarth has a quirky hobby of collecting Funko Pop figures.

Sleepwalker:  Siddarth has a bizarre habit of sleepwalking, much to the amusement of his friends and family.

Inexplicable Fear of Clowns: Despite his tough exterior, Siddarth has a deep-seated fear of clowns.

Avid Birdwatcher:  When he's not busy with his acting career, Siddarth enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly birdwatching.

Expert Whistler:  Siddarth possesses a hidden talent that few are aware of – he's an expert whistler.

Fear of Butterflies:  In addition to his fear of clowns, Siddarth also has an inexplicable fear of butterflies.

Superstitious Beliefs:  Like many actors, Siddarth has his fair share of superstitious beliefs.