3 countries that are best Indian students

Many Indian Students strive to study in a foreign country and in a country that can provide them with more opportunities to pursue a desired career.

The recent survey of 2024 suggests that Indian Students can make their dream come true in 3 other democratic countries than India.

Although The United Kingdom and the United States Of America are the most preferred countries the occupancy costs and resources are reported to be extremely costly for self-funding students and middle-class families.

Germany and two other countries best for Indian Students reveal the survey:

#1  Australia

Australia is the best choice for students, looking forward to pursuing their education in Agricultural Science, Information Technology, Psychology, Hospitality, Accounting and Finance, and Data Science.

#2 Canada

The country is the best pick for students who are interested in the field of journalism 

Along with Engineering, Medicine and Healthcare, Business Management,, Hotel Management, Accounting & Finance, Agricultural Science and Forestry, Project Management, and Psychology.

#3 Germany

The country is known for its free education and affordable tuition fees. Germany is the best pick for social sciences and Engineering aspirants.